Saturday, February 7, 2009

Congratulations! If you're on this page, you must have been invited to join the most exclusive, Swingers Club in the Philippines! You are not allowed to be on this page if you're judgmental, close-minded, self-righteous or sexually repressed.

We typically prefer personal recommendations re: new applicants. If you know an existing member, nows the time to tell me.

Acceptance of new members depend on many factors, and LOOKS, hygiene, class, education, professional background, health etc., all play important roles in who gets accepted.

We are recruiting only a limited number of males.

Females are always welcome so if you REALLY want to get in? Bring a hot female companion with you.

Membership is a privilege and not a right, and we choose whoever we feel would be an asset to our club! If we don't contact you within 7 days, assume that your application has been denied.. Pls dont be offended, its not you, its just that we get tons of applicants and we can't take all of you in.

Although we accept members who'll just watch and not perform? We prioritize those who are actually WILLING to participate!

But if you DO get in? You'll have access to the best and wildest underground, "swinging" aka Sexual-Orgy parties, with the most gorgeous elite and wildest people in the Philippines, including foreigners-thats a proven fact!

Note:If you submitted your application and we thing you qualify? You'll still get invited to big events, although that does not mean you're officially "in".
Im usually at Embassy -The Fort with my husband, and if you're curious what Elite , Gorgeous REALLY means? We'll gladly show you some of the members currently there (if any).

To proceed, 1.Signup here 2.Open your email, verify confirmation link 3.send an email to, and indicate the username you signed-up with.Please also indicate if you've been or are currently a member of any other "swinging" group in and outside the Philippines.

note: They are independent companies not affiliated with Swingers Manila. We are using these 3rd party services to weed out, underage applicants and for security and safety reasons.

With that said, goodluck on your application and kitakits na lang hopefully in one of our events :)

-- Erika L.

Head of Screening Committee - Swingers Manila